LG Rainbow will arrive in 2021 as the first roll-up smartphone

While Samsung, Motorola, Xiaomi or Huawei focus on creating folding phones that combine all the advantages of large portable devices, Kwon Bong-seok, CEO of LG, has just confirmed that they are already working on the launch of your first roll-up smartphone, “Project B”, which will arrive at the beginning of next year under the name still to be confirmed of LG Rainbow.

Although previously we had already heard about LG’s intentions, as they have advanced from the Korean portal The Elec LG would have already started production of the first prototype of the device at its factory in Pyeongtaek, estimating the arrival of a first test product for approximately three to four months.

However, surprising as it may be, this roll-up screen is not necessarily more difficult to produce compared to a folding screen: folding screens they need to withstand constant pressure in a small areaBut roll-up screens can dissipate pressure to a wider area, the sources said. However, the design and materials used for the device must be compatible with the display panel.

And it is that these must support a continuous pressure of flexion and that pressure is applied in a small area. Fortunately, roll-up displays on smartphones need to spread, easing some of that pressure, so you can expect greater longevity from this form factor.

So, as confirmed by these same sources, in this case the LG Rainbow will choose a flexible organic OLED panel, a screen that will be run by the BOE company under the supervision of LG during the production stages.

Still without any specific date within the next year, most likely, under the assumption that they are not canceled CES 2021 or MWC 2021, LG presents its new LG Rainbow roll-up smartphone during one of these events, thus adding its own live experience of its operation.







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