Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone will have two x-axis engines

The Lenovo Legion family of gaming devices is getting closer, if the rumors are confirmed, to adding a new and highly anticipated member that we have been talking to you for some time. I mean, of course, the Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone, a smarphone specially designed to be used as a gaming device and that, however, it will also have the rest of the general functions that we expect in a mobile phone.

Except for changes in the forecasts, everything points to the fact that the smartphone will be presented this July and, to what we have already been anticipating about it in recent months, today a remarkable aspect is added, and that is that It will have two x-axis motors with which to generate an important sensation of response before events thanks to the vibration caused by them.

Although less important in terms of the operation of the device, today a video has also been published on YouTube in which we can see the design of the Lenovo Legion gaming phone case. As you can see in it, there is a first box, of great size, that we do not know if it will correspond to a special edition of it or if it will be a kit designed to be sent to the press. As for the box that contains the device, its design is quite unique and, to be honest, somewhat spectacular, at least if we open it as shown in the video:

Pending the arrival of the Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone, we can collect what we already know about this particular gaming smartphone. In the month of March there was a leak of renders that allowed us, for the first time, to know what it will look like. Two months later, in May, a new leak indicated that the design was already final, and that it will have a surprising pop-up camera on its side.

As for its specifications, for now we know that Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone will have Android 10 with its own personalization layer, a screen of a size to be determined but with a Full HD + resolution (2,340 x 1,080) and with a refresh rate of 144Hz, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC (possibly overclocked) and an Ardeno 650 GPU.

Another important aspect is that, according to the leaks, the device would have obtained the corresponding certification for 5GSo that people interested in the Lenovo Legion Gaming Phone can count, in principle, with the peace of mind that it will be compatible with the next generation of mobile data and telephone networks. Still not knowing anything about its price, although based on its specifications we remain in the forecast we made a few weeks ago, that is, that we hope it is between 700 and 900 euros. If the forecasts are met, we will soon know.

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