How much does a “perfect” Core i9 10900K cost?

The Core i9 10900K is the most powerful processor that Intel has in the general consumer market. This has 10 cores and 20 threads running at 3.7 GHz-5.3 GHz, normal and turbo mode, supports overclocking and integrates into the LGA 1200 platform.

All Core i9 10900K processors have those base specs, but this It does not mean that all are equal. As many of our readers will know, the semiconductor manufacturing process is affected by what is known as “Silicon lottery”, a concept that we use to refer to the role that luck plays in the manufacturing processes of processors, graphic cores and other components that come out of a silicon wafer.

The silicon lottery influences such important aspects as the functional cores of a processor, shaders active on a GPU, and can also determine the stable frequency that these components can achieve. Thus, the processors and GPUs that fail to reach a minimum level to be part of a higher range end up being used to shape inferior products, a topic that we already told you at the time in this article dedicated to “defective” chips. .

Silicon Lottery: The Road to the Perfect Core i9 10900K

However, when we talk about the same product, the silicon lottery mainly determines its maximum working frequencies, that is, the maximum peak of MHz (or GHz) that can be reached in a totally stable way, and without temperatures being a problem, obviously.

We already had the opportunity to talk about this when we saw the cost of a “perfect” Ryzen 9 3950X, and yes, the price difference was huge, as it reached $ 1,499.99, a figure that practically doubled the recommended retail price of the standard model. The difference between this “perfect” model and the standard one is that the former had previously been mounted on a motherboard to verify that it can reach 4.15 GHz with all its cores stably active, while the latter will probably not arrive. at that level of overclocking.

As well, with the Core i9 10900K “perfect” exactly the same thing happens, is about versions that have been previously tested to guarantee that they are able to reach a determined frequency in a stable way, and maintaining an acceptable consumption, voltage and working temperatures.

In this case, the “perfect” Core i9 10900K is priced at $ 949.99, a figure that almost doubles the price of the standard version, which costs $ 499.99. This variant is capable of achieving, in a totally guaranteed way, 5.1 GHz frequency with overclocking working with all its active cores, 5.2 GHz with six active cores and 5.3 GHz with three active cores.

Is that money worth paying? The answer is a resounding no. It is clear that those users who have a huge budget and want the best of the best will have no problem resorting to these chips that have been previously tested, but for a normal user they are not a good option.







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