Guerrilla presents some of the new machines from Horizon Forbidden West

Guerrilla, responsible for Horizon Forbidden West, They have talked about two new machines that will live in the wild lands of the video game. They have used their official Twitter account to share a small video and give the first details about them. We tell you what we know below!

New machines at Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West was one of the great surprises of the last Sony event, let’s remember dedicated to PlayStation 5: The console itself and many of the video games that will arrive during and after its launch. During the presentation trailer of the video game we were able to see a lot of details to marvel: The setting, the characters and even many machines that we will see during our adventure. The similarity of these machines with dinosaurs continues to amaze us.

The first machine is called Bristlebacks. Guerrilla anticipates that some machines can have herd behaviors, but that they are not easily scared when they feel threatened (unlike other real animals). Instead, they will get aggressive, resist, and attack. We can see it in the tweet that the company shares.

The second machine to comment on is the Shellsnapper, a creature based on Aspidoquelone, a sea monster described in the Physiologus and that it was such a giant turtle that it looked like an island. It usually buries and sleeps for quite a long time, even reaching weeks. It has a large defensive shell and is covered in plants and foliage due to its customs.

We are sure that these are the first of many new machines that Guerrilla will be presenting over time. At the moment they seem to be two machines that will be non-aggressive to our presence. We will have to wait to see one that shows aggressive, a great T-Rex style predator.






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