Facebook and, although it seems impossible, another data breach

I have to talk about Facebook again, but honestly, I’ve been trying to verbalize what I think for ten minutes and it’s getting difficult, quite difficult. And is that it does not enter my head as you can stumble so many times on the same stone. It does not enter my head and, what is worse, it makes me see more and more clearly that the consideration that Facebook has with its users is more or less non-existent.

And what has happened? Well, Facebook and the data have returned to star in another news story in which the social network has not acted with the diligence it should and, as a consequence, has mistakenly provided over 5,000 developers with unauthorized access to profiles user due to a platform failure. This incident has been communicated by the company itself on its corporate communication page.

The leak breaks the rules that Facebook itself sets for developers in relation to access to personal information. Since 2018, the platform has automatically blocked developers from obtaining people’s data if they have not interacted with the service’s app in the last 90 days. Once the time limit expires, developers must again ask users for permission to access their data. But in this case, the locking system failed.

«We found that in some cases apps continued to receive data that people had previously authorized, even if they hadn’t used the app in the past 90 days“Said Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, vice president of partnership at Facebook,”For example, this could happen if someone were to use a sport app to invite their friends from their city to a workout, but we did not identify that some of their contacts had been inactive for many months.«.

According to the manager of the social network, Facebook fixed the error the same day it was found, but what it has not done has been to reveal the number of users that could have been affected by this security flaw. Good for promptness in solving the problem once detected, and well for reporting it. Bad for a new ruling on a platform that begins to count them by the tens, and worse still for the lack of transparency by not indicating the number of people affected by this security incident.

You don’t have to be very smart to imagine that These days the Facebook offices are not a quiet place. In less than two weeks we have known about this security hole, the lack of consideration of its managers regarding the security and privacy of its users and the damage that their bad policies regarding hate messages can do. to its accounts, something that has forced its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to take steps to try to stop the bleeding of advertisers.







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