Chrome exceeds 70% market share according to NetMarketShare

We continue talking about web browsers, although now we do it for Chrome and for good, at least as far as Google’s interests are concerned. The reason is none other than the leadership of Chrome, which increases to levels never seen according to statistics from NetMarketShare.

The market share of web browsers is an issue that we tend to echo from time to time because the landscape is generally not very changing and trends tend to continue. Trends like Chrome going up, Firefox going down and that the rest share the crumbs … with exceptions, because for a while now there seems to be some competition for second place in the table between Firefox and the new Microsoft Edge.

Be that as it may, everything is crumbs beyond Chrome, and it is that the Google browser reigns like Louis XIV of middle age. You just need to put a phrase of the type as a slogan I am the state, but changing State on the Internet. Or that’s what the latest ones imply NetMarketShare statistics with data from the last month of June, in which Chrome exceeds 70% market share for the first time in its history.

The total percentage NetMarketShare assigns to Chrome is 70.19%. At a great distance is second Microsoft Edge, which manages to increase its presence by a few tenths to 8.07% and third is Firefox, which slightly traces its prolonged fall and is sustained by 7.58%; Internet Explorer resists with a 4.53, Safari with a 3.56% … The comparisons are in relation to how the table was closed last quarter.

To all this, a note on the owner who employs the medium from which we catch the news And perhaps it can be repeated around there: the data provided by NetMarketShare and other companies that collect statistics are the best nail to hold on to and the one we use for these purposes, but it is far from something ‘official’. All these statistics are estimates, not total and actual figures.

That said, it is not necessary to do numerology to verify what is an obvious fact, and that is that Chrome dominates with full capacity the market share of web browsers … And, of course, attitudes like the one Microsoft is having to promote Edge They are not going to help change this. Quite the contrary. Even though we are talking about Chromium derivatives that share more than what differentiates them.







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