Amazon prepares a series of Fallout from the creators of ‘Westworld’

Fallout series is underway and you can see it on Amazon Prime Video in the near future. When, it is not yet known why the project is in the making, but it seems a serious bet for which they have counted on the creator of Westworld, the successful adaptation of HBO.

The announcement has been given in unison on several sites, from Twitter to the official page of Bethesda, owner of the franchise, where they have published a release in which they hardly offer data about production. The only thing that is clear is that there will be a Fallout series and simply because of the importance of the title and what they are playing to succeed, the thing promises.

What is known for the moment of the Fallout series is that it will be a production original from Amazon Studios in charge of Kilter Films and that at the head of it will be Jonathan Nolan, creator Westworld and Persons of Interestt and screenwriter of some of his brother’s most popular movies, such as Interstellar or the Batman trilogy (yes, his brother is Christopher Nolan); and his wife, Lisa Joy, who also participated in Westworld as a screenwriter.

In fact, Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have left Westworld to dedicate himself to the Fallout series, and although it is true that Westworld It had a great first season and has been declining a lot, if the futuristic world of the Michael Crichton classic plays, Fallout’s brutal, post-apocalyptic world has it all to put together a really engaging story. With them starting as stated in the first game, they have miles to throw.

The time when it was common to get movie games is over. Now it is done the other way around and with the explosion of video on demand services, the serial format is the one that triumphs. Why came The witcher Netflix, as much as the series is based on the books; that’s why HBO has got the rights to The Last of Us; And that’s why Amazon does the same with the Fallout series.







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