New trailer for the Destroy All Humans! remake

If you lived through the 128-bit generation, you will remember Destroy All Humans !, one of the craziest games on PlayStation 2 and Xbox, in which we controlled the alien Crypto in its conquest of Earth.

Humanity has its days numbered and on July 28 it will start the alien attack perpetrated by Cryptosporidium, better known as Crypto 137, which will be in charge of destroying all the humans it finds in its path. Within weeks of that happening, THQ Nordic unveiled the new trailer for the Destroy All Humans! Remake, which shows Crypto’s arrival at the Turnipseed farm and the start of the attack, showing how we can deal with life on Earth by weapons and with the UFO that we will have at our disposal.

This remake of the fun Destroy All Humans! It will go on sale next July 28, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.






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