Apple Glasses getting closer

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released a new report to investors where he makes an assessment of the upcoming releases to be made by Apple. Among these, it stands out above all the rumored augmented reality glasses that have been talked about so much in recent months. According to the renowned analyst, they would be ready to be launched in 2022 “at the earliest.” This means that it could take much longer, something that nobody wants. These glasses hope to obtain many functions related to augmented reality to have a totally different experience. When going down the street these glasses could clearly indicate the way, without having to hesitate with the GPS, or show the messages that we have in front of us. It is undoubtedly a very futuristic technology that Apple would be developing and that obviously creates a lot of hype among users.

But these dates that Ming-Chi Kuo has given have been questioned by another reputed filter. Jon Prosser, a person who has leaked many features of Apple products, has stated that he disagrees with this prediction. Prosser makes it clear in a tweet that his sources point out that between March and June 2021 they could be launched on the market. Obviously after giving details about the iPhone SE 2020 among other launches, these statements must be kept in mind.

What seems clear is that this year we will not have these Apple Glasses on the market. In all cases, we must wait until 2021 according to Prosser, and until 2022 according to Ming-Chi Kuo.






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