Apple Watch may be able to detect panic attacks and anxiety

Just a few weeks ago, we talked about how some rumors about possible features in development for the next versions of watchOS were beginning to be heard. Specifically, we discussed how mental health, one of the great forgotten of this type of device, was going to take a particular role in the coming years. However, it has not been until now that we have gotten some really interesting additional details about this change.

If you have been paying close attention to rumor mill in recent months, the name of Jon Prosser will be really familiar to you. It is one of the most accurate leakers today when it comes to Apple, and thanks to it we have been able to learn details about devices such as the iPhone SE or the next AirPods Studio. Thus, it is not surprising that lately the small doses of information that it leaves behind are taken into account, such as the new functions of watchOS 7.

As shared in the Geared Up podcast, Apple would be developing features related to mental health care, as it was known in the past. But what we did not know was its operation, and it is that they could take advantage of the oximeter of an upcoming Apple Watch to know if the user is hyperventilating, in order to avoid panic attacks or alert before they lead to serious consequences.

Because, even if we sometimes downplay them, a panic attack can come at any time, even when we are in situations where it could be life-threatening, for example, while driving a vehicle. On these occasions, the Apple Watch would alert the user to stop for a few minutes and do some relaxation exercises.

According to Prosser, this novelty could be presented at the next WWDC 2020, as part of watchOS 7. However, there is also the possibility that it will be delayed to accompany the next Apple Watch model or even next year. This would depend on whether the current watches are compatible with it, since it is known that they could have an oximeter, so that we could receive the activation of this sensor in the next update.






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