It’s not just a Chromecast with Android TV: Google redesigns its streaming strategy to “Google TV”

It seems that there will be a new order in the house, and that the pressure exerted with “Apple TV” from Cupertino has hit Mountain View. At a time when streaming is becoming king in these quarantine times, Google could reinforce its content and hardware strategy under a new nomenclature, including a new generation of Chromecast compatible with Android TV.

According to 9to5Google, this new Google proposal will be renamed “Google TV”, a more specific name for a development that led to the appearance of two viewing proposals: Chromecast and Android TV. With this new brand, the Internet giant is trying to unify these trends into one.

Protocol confirms the rumors shared days ago about a new generation of Chromecast with remote control. In this case, the post notes that this device looks like the traditional Google dongle, but it works like a Roku. There are no details on availability, release date and prices, but it seems that this equipment will be part of the catalog of NEST, the division of connectivity devices under Google.






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