POCO announces the arrival of the POCO F2 Pro

The official POCO Twitter account has announced the international return of the brand with the POCO F2 Pro. In addition, the company has created together with Gearbest a promotion page where users will have the opportunity to win the phone for free and they will enjoy an advance shipment.

The website does not give all the details of the new phone but confirms that it will be based on the Redmi K30 Pro, as we had already heard.

It claims it will have the “most powerful chipset” and displays the Snapdragon logo (hence it is a Snapdragon 865 chip) and promises a true “full screen” (without showing the pop-up camera that makes this possible).

The page mentions four cameras and shows the round island of the camera. Plus, it boasts a large battery and fast charge without going into details.

It also indicates that the Poco F2 Pro will be available with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage as standard with an 8GB / 256GB option. There will be four possible colors: Purple, White, Gray, and Blue.

Gearbest does not show the price but a few days ago we heard that it will be between 600 and 650 euros, depending on local taxes. Also keep in mind that 5G support could be phased out in some markets, which is probably another factor in the price difference.

This price is almost double that of the original POCO F1. Even the Redmi K30 Pro itself costs around 500 euros to change (although it is not available in the West). There’s also the Poco X2, which is based on the K30 and is much more affordable.







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