Yakuza Like a Dragon would arrive soon on PC through Steam

To the surprise of very few, SEGA continues to adapt the much-loved games of the Yakuza saga to PC from their original versions of PS4.

The user and ‘dataminer’ RobotBrush collects in their profile the link that will eventually take us to the game file in the Steam store, as well as those that will be linked to the library if we get hold of it. All this points to the official announcement of this adaptation being closer than far, although of course it gives absolutely no clue as to its exact release date, price or possible extras, among other unknowns.

The combat system is known as Live Command RPG Battle and will be similar to that of a turn-based RPG, that is, the action will be paused and we will control various members of our group including our protagonist, Ichiban Kasuga. The start of the fighting will be as before, that is, if we find an enemy on the street that stops us or a boss who wants to confront us, it will start the battle and according to the statistics of each character, this will be the hit first and strength and intensity (like any turn-based RPG).

The main difference will reside in the environment where this occurs. For example, if the combat occurs in the middle of a highway, the action of the stage will not pause, which means that if a car passes and there is an enemy in the middle or a character in our group, it will be hit and damaged, so that we can use these elements to our advantage or we must be careful so that they are not against us.






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