The second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development

Final Fantasy VII Remake launched a few weeks ago and has made almost three million in just its first weekend of sales, making it one of the best-selling games of the moment. As originally announced, this Final Fantasy VII remake project would carry out more than one game. For now, the first game has covered the first disc of the original game until the end, so we could think that we would have two more installments, corresponding to each disc.

While we are all finishing the game or playing for all the trophies, in Square Enix it seems that they have been working on a sequel for a while that would come soon and most likely in the PlayStation 5 generation. The question is when we will see it, if we will take others 5 years (from when it was announced until it was launched) or if the wait will be less as we already have the engine, artifacts, models and others fully prepared. As well as a story that they themselves already assure to have written and fixed.






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