Wifi 6E arrives: this is how the new system works that will make you surf better and faster

The news has jumped in the middle of the coronavirus crisis globally, but that does not mean it is not important. After months of debate and preparation, the United States has just approved, through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the expansion of the band spectrum that your ‘router’ can use to distribute the signal. Until now, all ‘routers’ transmitted in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, and now they can do so in the 6GHz, which is why it has been called Wifi 6E or Wifi 6GHz. This may sound too technical to you, but, as we explain below, this is a gigantic change in technology that will also reach the user and whose idea is that you do not have to worry about the bad connection again.

We must know that this decision gives much more space and waves to send the wifi signal from the ‘router’ to all our devices, which will avoid, in principle, connection problems, saturation or interference, will offer more possibilities to Wi-Fi technology and will help us to improve our overall connection. It is an evolution of the already somewhat better known ‘Wifi 6’ (Wifi 6E, is the ‘friendly’ name of Wi-Fi 6 extended to the 6 GHz band) that we have begun to see more frequently this year on phones and ‘routers’ mainly and what improves with this change.

To know the scope of this expansion, you have to think that until now the system only had 2 160MHz channels to be able to send all the information, now they join those 2 others 7 at a stretch. A substantial change that will avoid problems in places of high density and that will allow, that is one of the main objectives to advance more securely and solidly in developments such as connected homes or connected industry. In places where there are more and more devices that use this technology, a very important coverage was needed that would allow taking advantage of all these gadgets at full capacity and this can be achieved with this opening.

At the moment, being something so new, it is not known what the maximum potential of this change will be, but there is talk of an improvement in connection of 30% in speed and a solidity never seen before. Such should be the available space that for many connected devices you have at home, if they are all compatible with Wifi 6E (and you have a ‘rotuer’ prepared), they should all be able to function at their maximum performance.






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