Panzer Dragoon will be updated on Nintendo Switch with graphic improvements and more news

Forever Entertainment is preparing a second major update for the Panzer Dragoon Remake on the Nintendo Switch that will take the game to version 1.3 and incorporate substantial technical improvements.

On the Panzer Dragoon World portal they have been able to speak with the co-producer of the video game, Benjamin Anseaume, who has precisely expressed the nature of the changes. HD will be added to the Switch version, along with gyroscope controls. The remake as a whole will also feature a 60 FPS option and smooth camera movements.

It will also add episode 0 and a secret menu that will be accessible only after finishing the game: the options in this menu called Pandora Box are still a surprise to unveil.

With these improvements, if the result is positive, the title resolves practically all the criticisms it had received at its launch, so it may be a good time for those interested in the title to come back to it and see if it satisfies them.

There is currently no specific date for this update, but it is expected to arrive very soon.






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