Nokia 2.3 begins to receive the update to Android 10

At the end of 2019 we already knew HMD Global’s plans to continue its diligence and responsibility when it comes to talking about operating system updates for Nokia smartphones. In fact, we are already on the number twelve phone because the Nokia 2.3 begins to receive Android 10 internationally.

As always, when an operating system update is announced for a Nokia smartphone, it is Juho Sarvikas, CPO of HMD Global, who reveals the international distribution of said patch through his official Twitter account. And this time it’s time for a new cheap smartphone from the Finnish company: the Nokia 2.3.

The Nokia 2.3 debuted in June 2019 with Android 9.0 Pie on board. And like any other Nokia smartphone, this smartphone was also launched with the stock version of Android on board. HMD Global has taken care not only of keeping a clean and fluid version of Android but also keeping it updated.

In this case, in addition, the Nokia 2.3 receives Android 10 along with the Android security patch for the month of March. That makes the update have considerable weight: we are talking about a patch of approximately 1.1GB. Which in turn leads us to recommend the following to Nokia 2.3 users.

Once you receive the corresponding download notification, be sure to do it with your Nokia 2.3 connected to a private Wi-Fi network. We suggest this to avoid potential breaches in the security of your equipment, as well as avoiding the unnecessary expense of mobile data.

The update began shipping today and should be reaching international status in the coming weeks. At the moment, this update has begun to be distributed in the regions of Africa, the Middle East and some countries in Asia.






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