Microsoft Surface Earbuds go on sale May 6

The new headphones will cost 199 euros, so they will be slightly above the 169 euros of the Samsung Galaxy Buds + and well below the 279 euros of Apple AirPods Pro.

These are completely wireless Bluetooth headphones that have interchangeable rubber covers and are inserted into the ear. What is particularly striking is the flat shape of the outside, on which Microsoft has implemented touch and gesture functions.

The Surface Buds headphones have a speaker with a diameter of 13.6 millimeters and offer active cancellation of ambient noise through a series of microphones.

They support Bluetooth 4.2, although we cannot deny that we would have liked to see Bluetooth 5.0. A quick connection to other Surface devices will be possible and a quick connection via “Swift Pair”.

The headphones weigh 7.2 grams each, while their charging case weighs 40 grams. Microsoft does not provide specific information about the capacity of the built-in batteries, but it talks about up to eight hours of listening time on a single charge. The charging case provides enough charge for an additional 16 hours.

Surface Earbuds have integration with Spotify as well as Office 365 to control a Powerpoint presentation, reply to emails and more.






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