The first Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot DLC will be released on April 28

Next April 28 the first DLC of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will finally arrive, which is called ‘New Power Awakens’, and it will bring Beerus and Whis to the game.

Beerus makes an appearance as Goku and Vegeta are forced to collaborate to defeat him in this special episode against a final boss. At level 250, Beerus will be a very tough opponent to beat, especially since players will not be able to use all his items to defeat him. According to Hara Ryousuke, producer of the game: “Beerus is so strong that I only defeat him once in ten!”.

As disclosed by Bandai Namco, the DLC will be divided into two parts, with the second installment expected to arrive later this year.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was released last June, and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.







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