Facebook’s new Tuned app is here to help couples keep up with each other

Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team has launched an app called Tuned to help couples stay up to date with each other. Essentially, it is a social media platform, but only for you and your significant other. Or as Facebook puts it, “a private space for couples.”

In Tuned, users can share stuff on a private scrapbook-style feed that can be populated with photos, notes, cards, voice memos, and other memories. The app’s feed is a daily diary of sorts where couples can tell each other how their mood is using a colourful emotion spectrum disc.

Plus, users can connect their Spotify account and share songs and playlists with each other, aside from making custom stickers and reactions. Facebook’s new couples-only app is free to download, but it is limited to the iOS platform as of now.

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